How big is your trailer?

22’ long x 102” wide x 81” tall

Do you only transport classic, rare, and exotic cars?

We specialize in classic, rare, and exotic cars, but will happily transport any vehicle that fits in our trailer.

Can you transport outside of New England?

We are happy to arrange the transport of your vehicle outside the New England area, but Ted does not personally do the transportation. Rare exceptions can be made at an additional cost.

Are you insured?  

We have a $1M cargo policy.

Can you transport my SUV or truck?

Not at this time. We are looking into acquiring a larger trailer, so check back in the future or contact Ted.

Do you use chains or straps?

All vehicles are secured using nylon straps.

How far out do I need to schedule?

It depends on the time of year, but we are usually able to accommodate your needs. Contact Ted to get a more definitive timeframe.

What is your rate?


Have you had any incidents?

Ted has zero marks on his driving record. 100% clean.

I saw a car I liked on Instagram and I’d like to make an offer. Can you connect me with the owner?

No. We take the privacy of our clients very seriously. If you’d like to leave your contact info, we can reach out at a later date if we hear of its availability.

Am I able to follow your progress/see where my car is?

Not at present, but we are looking into installing a tracking feature. Please check back in the future or contact Ted for more information.

I belong to XXX Automotive Assistance Organization. Are they able to reimburse me?

Yes. Just submit our invoice for a complete reimbursement of services.


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